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Welcome to hadassah foundation

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“Sharing Lives, Enhancing Wellbeing”

Our Work - What we do

Our motivation to do what we do is the change it brings to lives and the transformation we see.

what we do

Psychosocial Support and Counselling

We are involved in offering psychosocial support and counselling to IDPs and to other vulnerable groups in society (women, children, girls, youths, and orphans) as we focus on their psychological and social needs.
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what we do

Health care

In enhancing well-being, we offer counselling for mental health problems (stress, depression, self-esteem issues, and depression) and raise awareness about mental health issues to the public. In addition, we educate and raise consciousness on issues of sexual and reproductive health (teenage pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS etc.) among youths/teenagers as most youths are sexually active.
what we do

Education (Social and Emotional Learning-SEL)

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) provides a foundation for safe and positive learning and enhances students’ ability to succeed in school and careers. As a result of the absence of counselling services in some schools and the importance to promote healthy schools as well as improving students’ wellbeing, we started engaging in providing social and emotional learning sessions (like drug abuse educative sessions, sessions on bullying) in some schools in Buea, Cameroon.
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what we do

Peace and Human Rights

The ongoing crisis, increase in violence and violation of human rights in the Southwest Region of Cameroon have led our NGO to engage in raising awareness about peace and security issues as well as human rights issues. For example, we have engaged in promoting peace in the community through our school sessions on anger management and conflict resolution at Saint Joan Primary School. These are all aimed toward the management of emerging forms of violence.
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Humanitarian Response

We engage in reach outs to IDPs through our back-to-school program where each year, we buy books, bags and pens for internally displaced children) and host communities (for instance flood victims in Limbe 2018). Our reach outs also include orphans whom we celebrate with every year (in our program known as Hadassah Foundation Christmas with Orphans) as we advocate for an all-inclusive society
what we do

Child Protection

Children are the most vulnerable in society and they need love, care, and support to reach their developmental potential. It is within this backdrop that Hadassah Foundation stands as a gap to offer services that protect children.