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Hadassah Foundation is a legally registered (Registration number 109/G.37/C84/VOL1/SASC) Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that began operating in Buea, Southwest Region Cameroon in June 2018. The creation of Hadassah Foundation was in response to the traumatic circumstances surrounding the lives of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in this crisis-affected zone. Other than IDPs, the host communities also face an alarming rate of undesirable circumstances such as gender-based violence, poverty, use of illicit drugs etc. This and more with the ongoing crisis affects the well-being of both IDPs as well as the host population and puts them at risk of developing mental health problems.

Psychosocial issues must therefore be addressed as a priority, along with the provision of counselling, mental health support and education including social and emotional learning in schools as a way of supporting students' welfare. Given, children are the most vulnerable members of society and lack support systems to protect them from harm, we step in to offer support and work with children by also providing education on youth sexual and reproductive health. In addition, with the increase in violence due to the crisis particularly GBV, there is a need to support survivors, promote human rights and empower women who are mostly victims.

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