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GBV awareness raising & Cholera Sensitization

Gender based violence is prevalent among conflict affected populations. The Southwest and Northwest regions of Cameroon have been marked by years of conflicts with an estimated number of close to 1million internally displaced people and ongoing violence. The increase in armed actors perpetrating threats of violence and harm to family members, opportunistic violence, including abduction, intimate partner violence (like physical, sexual and psychological violence) are exacerbated by conflicts settings. Therefore, raising awareness is crucial in offering support to victims. So Hadassah Foundation team set out to educate women about gender based violence and let the women know of their rights to seek help if they are experiencing GBV.

The team also educated the women about the ongoing health challenge of Cholera outbreak in Buea. The teams discussions on cholera focused on environmental hygiene (how to properly dispose waste not to contaminate water sources) and personal hygiene (hand washing and use of sanitizers). In this light wash soaps were distributed to the women by the Hadassah Foundation team.