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A girl behind a mask: Unveiling a mental health story .

Hadassah foundation was honoured to give a talk on mental health during the Glowmonat 2022 masked ball last weekend in Buea .

Empowering young girls, Glowmonat also promotes their emotional and psychological wellbeing to ensure they maximize their potentials.

This masked ball unveiled a new glow queen with a touching story. Martha was involved in a car accident in the university campus in Buea where one of the campus buses rode on her leg. This destroyed her leg , all flesh out only the bone was seen. She was unable to walk and hospitalized for months. She dropped out of the university and had no hopes of a future in modelling which she was involved in. As Martha’s leg healed she experienced depression, unable to function on her own and was again hospitalized at Minds polyclinic suffering from PTSD …..More about her story on @glowmonat page. We work to enhance people’s wellbeing. We are proud we are part of Martha’s journey.