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” Spreading Joy: Christmas Celebration with orphans 2023

The holiday season is a time of love, joy, and togetherness. At our NGO, we embrace this spirit by celebrating Christmas with orphans, ensuring they feel cherished and connected to the community. This year, our focus was on St. Valentine’s Center, where we shared laughter, gifts, and heartwarming moments.

Highlights of the Celebration:

  1. Games and Interaction: We engaged the children in fun activities, fostering bonds and encouraging social interaction. Through games, they discovered the joy of companionship.
  2. Heartfelt Storytelling: Stories have the power to inspire and heal. We shared tales of hope, resilience, and kindness, leaving a lasting impact on young hearts.
  3. Gifts and Gratitude: Each child received a Christmas gift—a tangible reminder that they are not alone. Their smiles lit up the room.
  4. Musical Talents: The orphans showcased their musical talents with heartfelt songs. Their voices echoed the spirit of the season.
  5. Refreshments: We gathered around, savoring treats and celebrating the simple pleasures of togetherness.
    • In collaboration with OCC (Operation Christmas with Children) who also supported in making this Christmas celebration a success with the children of St Glory, Marian Mojoko and mountain kids Orphanage. January 2024

In this season of giving, our commitment to these children remains unwavering. Let us continue spreading love and joy, ensuring that no one feels forgotten