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Mon-Sat:8.00am To 5.00pm

HADASSAH FOUNDATION STARTS WORK WITH THE CHILDREN OF INADESU (Inclusive Action Development and Sustainable Development)

Hadassah Foundation embarked on a transformative journey with the children of INADESU (Inclusive Action Development and Sustainable Development). Our mission is to provide essential psychosocial support that empowers them to build resilience and thrive

Through engaging activities and interactive sessions, we focused on promoting mental well-being and equipping the children with valuable life skills. This program aimed to:

. Nurture healthy minds: we addressed the importance of mental health providing the children with coping strategies to navigate life’s complexities.

.Empower through education: We equipe them with problem solving and critical thinking skills, essential tools for navigating life’s challenges

Build strong relationship: The program fostered the development of healthy peer relationships, teaching children how to effectively communicate and collaborate

Conflict resolution and management: interactive sessions tackled conflict resolution and anger management empowering them to address challenges constructively.

we have a target to provide psychological counseling to 30 children within the age range of 6 to 16years. Their enthusiasm and readiness to embark on this one month learning journey are inspiring. It is indeed going to be a time of fun and a growth experience with the children