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At Hadassah foundation our work focuses on improving mental health and enhancing wellbeing. It’s commendable that Hadassah Foundation is actively addressing the issue of drug abuse among youths in Buea. The “Say no to drugs” campaign is crucial for raising awareness and educating young people about the dangers of illicit substances. Here are some key points from your description:

  1. Campaign Purpose:
    • The campaign aims to sensitize youths and the community about the harmful effects of drugs.
    • It focuses on promoting a drug-free environment in schools and communities.
  2. Campaign Activities:
    • The awareness session at Morock nursery and primary school involved older pupils aged 13 to 18 years.
    • HASCON conducted the session.
    • Pupils were educated on the disadvantages of drugs and why it should be eradicated from communities and schools.
  3. Impact and Advocacy:
    • Following the campaign, many pupils pledged to become advocates against drugs in their schools and communities.

By empowering young people with knowledge and encouraging advocacy, initiatives like this contribute significantly to building healthier communities.